Welcome to my Blog “Creators Journey”

Welcome to my Blog “Creators Journey”

My name is Sara and I am so honored to have you around and want to use the chance to share with you a bit about me to start this journey with.


“Sara, WHY you ended up living in Colombia?” 

… is one of the most frequently question I am receiving in my daily life. “How does a German girl end up living in Colombia?”

And since the beginning of my times here in Bogotá, my heart answers: because Colombia called me and although I am German, I feel like a citizen of the world and Colombian by heart.


“But Sara, what did happen that you end up living in Colombia?” 


… and from this question on starts a long story, which has really been a trip around the world, a long journey, with many adventures, many experiences and lessons – a trip that has changed my life and inspired me to become the creator of life. And since then, I decided to continue traveling – traveling the world and traveling to myself.

Life invited me with this journey to become the creator of my own life and today I feel it is not only time to share it, but mostly to give back, what life gifted me: an invitation to transformation.


Do you believe that a journey can determine the beginning of a new life?


Today I am the witness that YES, a journey can determine the beginning of a new life I have made a decision, after thousands of questions, doubts and fears, to start to share my story and journey behind with the intention to support others creators on their journey, saying YES YOU CAN, too. 


And who among you agrees with me that EVERYTHING, really EVERYTHING in life starts with a decision?


In 2011 I was in the position that I felt that a trip around the world would be just impossible for me – financially, emotionally – generally;) … even despite of the fact that since I was a little girl I had the dream of having an international life.


For the people who just get to know me, I will resume them my story quickly. 


I was born 36 years ago in Hamburg a beautiful city in the north of Germany, with a large port and therefore Hamburg is also known the door to the world. Breathing the air of the whole wide world at Hamburg’s beaches when the ships got into the port of Hamburg, I said I want to part of this world. I am very grateful to be able to remember a very beautiful childhood in this city. After finishing school preparing for what I want to do in my life, I was confronted that I could not study directly psychology because of lack of excellence notes and I needed to get into university, a Plan B was needed urgently, in my case it turned out that I started training at Allianz, an insurance multinational, for 2,5 years which started directly from finish school Instead my best friends enjoyed a super trip and traveled around Europe.


Do you know the scenery that you observe the people around you doing what you normally would like to do, but you instead just observe it passively … your mind says something, but your heart something else so different?


Terminating my training – dual formation at Allianz, in 2004 my mom was diagnosed with cancer and for the first time in my life, I had the real fear of losing not only her but also my dad, who suffers several health crises at the same time. I was just about to enter university to study business psychology in Heidelberg, which is 600 km distant from Hamburg in the south of Germany and that’s why I entered with the pure focus of finishing it as soon as possible, to be able to get independent as soon as possible to avoid being any longer a burden for my parents.


Has any of you felt like a burden or load for your relatives in your life?


I realized that I was so focused on finishing that I was not consciously enjoying the process of studying, I lived in the future without being present in the moment.


When the university was over, a unique opportunity came for me up: to do a practice in India, Mumbai in the Indo-German Chamber and imagine I took it – in spite of all I have heard about the drastic cultural differences.


What happened was, that I found within so much craziness such a deep connection with my dream of having yes or yes, an international life.


Do you know the moment that something feels 1000% well despite your mind saying MADNESS – you are crazy?


Returning to Germany after this wonderful time, of course as a good planner, I already had the super job in a leadership program at Allianz Berlin waiting for me, in a position as a assistant of the sales manager in Berlin, the city I was so focused on living, because my boyfriend in these days was studying there and finally after 3 years of distant relationship, we were finally together – well more or less: I was about to enter from a cultural shock to a clash with pure reality.

Living in Colombia I learned a saying – that really was the summary of my feelings when I finished this great time – this great trip in India – and was connected with the pure reality of such hard life: “Of that so good they do not give so much”


This question is only for women. Have you experienced the moment when you are entering in a room and be only received by a scanning of another woman’s gaze – who tells you, that you are never going to be friends – never ever – never is never?


So it happened to me, she has been the person in charge of my induction and from the first second my induction turned into a nightmare. Experiencing a situation that I thought would never happen to me of bullying, of excess of stress, day of 16 hours of work, lack of leadership and simply was not prepared, I did not know how to handle this situation.


Maybe you have also felt that college and university have not prepared for real life at all?

Thank God I had the strength to end this nightmare after 2 months, what stayed really was invisible, many wounds without treatment, a perfect base for a serious illness. In 2009 I was diagnosed with a hormonal tumor in my Hypophysis and it was not enough for me to realize that something is very wrong. I kept working like crazy till in 2011 my body sent me the extra big stop sign with 11 months disability and finally I realized that if or if I have to make a DECISION.


This phrase came to me: 

“A desire does not change anything; a decision can change everything.”


As a business psychologist with the desire to be an excellent international coach, I got very clear for me, that first of all, to be able to support others, I have to help myself, I have to reconnect with the real Sara again.


At the end of 2011 I took 3 decisions that have changed my life:

  1. I quit my job
  2. Finish with my 7-year-old relationship
  3. I returned to the house of my parents – with the desire to travel the world.

Today another more frequent question I receive almost every day is: 


How did you manage to convert a life changing decision into an action and to stick with it?


Have you ever felt half-loosed when you have made a decision and were about to fall back?

Or do you remain mostly in decisions and fail easily with action?

For all of you, who really do want to convert a decision into action, who want to take action and want to achieve YES or YES a change, I will share with you in the next blog what my 7 tips to turn a decision into action!

One decision I took these days to take you with me on my journey. My intention, my vision with this blog is to share with you the experience, lessons and tools, which leaded me to become a creator, to start designing my life, living my dreams, without any limits.

I am super excited to having you around again! It has been a long-time vision and dream, which is now becoming slowly but surely a reality, to share with you my journey towards being the creator of my life.

Where are you on your journey? What topics are you interested in? With what kind of content can I serve you best here on this “Creators Journey”? Let’s travel together to create – connect – contribute.

Thank you for existing,


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