How to master times of change!

That is the big question these days. The world never experienced a moment of change like this before.

The last couple of weeks invited all of us to face changes, small or big.

This moment invites us to a transformation that first of all require awareness and therefore I want to share in this new podcast episode 3 powerful tools how to master times of change.

You will learn:

✅ How to shift your fear to gratitude

✅How to use your words to change your emotions

✅How to create a positive vision of your future

To support you in the best way during this time I invite you to the following gifts:

FOR YOU TO CREATE A POWERFUL VISION: 7 steps to create your vision board

Since not being able to get back home these days I took the decision to drink a daily #cupofcoaching with all of you on Instagram with a daily live session and an invitation to reflect in my daily stories and in my Facebook community Creators Connection Community.

So drink a daily #cupofcoaching with me and visit my stories on Instagram @iamsarabaltus

And because I want to support you in a special way these days, I took the decision to GIFT per week 3 FREE individual #cupofcoaching sessions you can apply for. 

Because you are not alone in this, that is my message to you with this episode and with my gifts and offers for you.

And as always, I am very happy if you go through @iamsarabaltus on Instagram or Facebook and leave your thoughts on the post of this episode about what you could take from these tools. I am happy to interact with you and continue supporting you to create a powerful powerful vision. I hope to hear from you and if you liked the interview, leave a 5-star rating and a personal comment on iTunes, so we can take this powerful message to the world.

Because it is my wish that you also design your life, live your dreams and that without limits.

Thank you for existing. Sara

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