Today I am super excited about my first podcast interview incredibly inspiring woman from Montreal, Canada, who fearlessly combined her mental health training and the experience of being a suicide attempt survivor to transform her message into a worldwide movement.

Sophia Manarolis is a mental health counsellor and coach and moreover, she is a very big proponent of gratitude, due to a life-changing experience of surviving a suicide attempt as a result of depression. Today she is not only a powerful creator of her own life, who managed to discover her own light, she continues to succeed in spreading her own light, having founded a movement that literally can change and even save lives every day around the world.

In this interview:

✅ we will talk about depression

✅ about the challenges we all face, that could lead to depression

✅ about transforming constant social comparison into the opportunity to practice gratitude

So I want to invite you personally too to become part of this beautiful movement #its316andimalive and mark the 16th of March in your calendar and share with us and Sophia, what are you grateful for! Find her as well on Instagram @be.alive.feel.alive and follow her.

All the details of this movement and a free super powerful gratitude toolkit are available here

And as always, I am very happy if you go through @iamsarabaltus on Instagram or Facebook and leave your thoughts on the post of this episode about what you could take from this great interview. Sophia and I are happy to interact with you and continue supporting you to create a powerful powerful vision. I hope to hear from you and if you liked the interview, leave a 5-star rating and a personal comment on iTunes, so we can take this powerful message to the world.

Because it is my wish that you also design your life, live your dreams and that without limits.

Thank you for existing. Sara

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