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Tell me, what is your vision for this year 2020? What do you see? How do you want to feel? What do you want to create?

Do these questions cost you a lot of work to answer? Is it difficult for you to have a vision or imagination of your future?

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others,” says Jonathan Swift and exactly in this first episode of my podcast IN SPANISH we are going to talk exactly about the power of a vision – of having a vision, with someone, who is for me an example of being a great visionary.

Dani Rodríguez is a Coach, Speaker, and Engineer with a passion, LEADERSHIP. He trained with the great leaders in the world like John Maxwell, among others, and we are going to talk about why having a vision is part of being a great leader, about his great 2020 vision for Latin America and how to create a vision for the people join?

And I ask you: Have you ever experienced that life is so hectic that you forget what really matters to you? Has it happened to you that you would like to do so many things but you think it is absolutely impossible or do not know where to start? Or, on the contrary, when you think about your vision of your future, you totally block yourself and have no idea how you imagine your life?

2020: a new year and a new decade are just beginning and you feel frustrated because you have not been able to clarify what you really want? … If so, this episode is FOR YOU.

What you will learn:

✅ Why having a vision is the beginning of everything
✅ Why you should activate and practice your visualization potential
✅ How to create a vision and believe in it
and Dani will share 3 powerful tips of the book “Think and Grow Rich” and Napoleon Hill
✅ How to create a vision for people to join Do not miss it!

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And for everyone who wants to activate their visualization power, practicing their vision through creating their own dream map, I have a special gift:

And as always, I am very happy if you go through @iamsarabaltus on Instagram or Facebook and leave your thoughts on the post of this episode about what you could take from this great interview. Dani and I are happy to interact with you and continue supporting you to create a powerful powerful vision. I hope to hear from you and if you liked the interview, leave a 5-star rating and a personal comment on iTunes, so we can take this powerful message to the world. Because it is my wish that you also design your life, live your dreams and that without limits.

Thank you for existing.


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