Today I am happy to share with you my first German interview with a very inspiring woman, Hannah Panidis.

Hannah is a powerful creator of her own life, as a mom, happy wife, and empowerment coach, who not only managed to discover her own light but rather succeeded and succeeds in sharing her own light in an authentic way to support all women in discovering their personal light in “normal everyday life” in order to “become the woman their children are proud of” – which is Hannah’s personal motto.

In this powerful interview you will learn:

✅ how she managed to discover her own light

✅ how she masters the different roles as a woman

✅ how she deals with the challenges in her life

✅ and how she helps women to become “Fit | Fulfilled | Self-Confident ”

She shares with us how she started her first online course “Fit | Fulfilled | Self-Confident” together with her community. Last year she accompanied many women in a very special, authentic way, to become fit, fulfilled and self-confident. In March the online course goes into the next round.

In addition, her podcast “Without Words” will be published shortly, which she will publish together with her husband Theo. Brutally honest and with a pinch of humor, this podcast will talk about the challenges in everyday life of a mom and a dad, but also about issues such as partnership and personal development. I’m already looking forward to it.

You can find Hannah here: and

And of course, you will find a translation of the interview on my website: are looking forward to your feedback, what you can take out of this powerful interview and if you like the interview, I am very happy about a 5-star rating and personal feedback on iTunes.

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