I can´t believe it, that we are almost closing 2019. We entered into December and the days of 2019 are counted. And, what a year it has been!   

While we look back at the year that has passed by and create our summery of this year, it’s also worth taking a few minutes to think of all the things that you want to let go of before welcoming a new year with a fresh mind – open to receive the new with welcoming open arms.

Here are 7 things you definitely should let go of to liberate yourself and a few ideas to get you started to create a December to remember with the focus on magic and joy.

And to support you with it, I want to invite you to become part of my advent calendar, a beautiful german tradition, celebrating every day till the 24th with some inspirational thoughts and questions so that you can create your December to remember full of magic and joy…letting go o the old and welcoming the new!

Register for free:

Thank you so much for existing! 

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