Have you felt paralyzed, when you don’t know what’s going to happen next, that you’re doing something you’ve never, ever done before, or you are in total shock about a change in your work, or in your personal life?

Have you ever suffered feeling terribly scared starting a new journey and, when you get into an airplane you are not only terrified because of the fear of flying, more because you are super anxious because you don’t know what will expect you?

Today I dedicate this episode to all of you, who have felt fear of change or are in terrible fear of change to help you to receive some powerful tools to not only lose the fear but mostly to become a Creator of Change and maybe also a lover of change like I became 7 years ago.

And if you are right now in a time of change and would love to work on changing your habits and dive into the topic more, I invite you to become part of my community, a closed facebook group, where I share with you every day totally for free daily inspirations, we connect on weekly life sessions and mnthly in a Sunday connection we get together to practice gratitude, celebrate your successes and mediate.

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Looking forward to growing together and accompanying you to become a lover of change and the creator of your life!

Thank you for existing,

Yours Sara

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