I am so happy to start with you today officially this podcast with it’s very first episode dedicated to all of you, who for a very long time wanted to start a new project, start to travel the world, finally close your master thesis or even finally quit your job or a toxic relationship that is draining your energy.

Procrastination is one of the most common reasons why people are not into their creator’s light, not connected to their creative power. Believe me, I was in procrastination in several different circumstances in my life – and launching the podcast could be counted as one of them. It took me a while to simply just do it!

And if you would love to get out procrastination (too), or you are asking yourself, why the heck do I not do what I really want, then this episode is for you! Let’s have a look on it together.

Stop procrastinating and let’s get started…

And for all of you, who already took the decision to get started, but your missing taking the very first action, find some more inspiration in my blog “Creator’s Journey” about “how to turn a decision into action”.

Because my wish for you is that you design your life, living your dreams without any limits!

Thank you for existing,

Yours Sara

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