How can you turn obstacles into the opportunity to become the superhero of your life?

This is the main focus of today’s very inspiring interview with Renate Mueller, a Life & Women Empowerment Coach, Free Wandering Soul, World Traveller, Podcaster,Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner from Germany, who is living in New Zealand now.

Let’s talk together about the serious stuff occurring in all our life paths: obstacles – big or small.

They are the reason why often we quit in the middle of our path, do not trust our intuition or are totally blocked by fear. They are the reason why we give up on something we really love or doubt our visions.

LET’S FACE THEM TOGETHER in this interview, where Renate is sharing with us:

1. Which have been her biggest life challenges and how she was facing them from a very young age
2. How she started to listen to her intuition
3. And how she stopped caring about what others think about her 

This interview shows that obstacles are part of our path and that behind every obstacle lies an opportunity.

So meet Renate, a very inspiring young woman, who made the decision to believe in a world with unlimited possibilities, pure potentiality, and personal freedom. She believes that we can break free from our self-made prison and take responsibility for our own life. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Magic is behind every corner, she says.

Check it out and connect with her:

You will find her on Instagram: @renatesophiamueller

And we both are very much looking forward to your feedback of this interview. Share with us, what your biggest obstacles are right here and now, and what you take with you from this inspirational talk.

Because my wish for you is, that you design your life too, living your dreams, without limits, becoming the creator of your life.

Yours, Sara

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