2020 has started and the motivation for big goals and new years resolutions is big.

My question to you: Does everything you are planning really matter to you, or is it more a self-made obligation. Often we run into this trap of self-made frustration, standing up for something that really does not matter for us. We are sometimes just too afraid of going for the things, which are really important for us.

Especially when nowadays everyone is sharing what their path is and how they are walking it, often in a very illusionary way on social media, and now at the beginning of a new year, where setting BIG new years resolutions are in trend.

In this very first and very personal podcast episode, I am taking you on a journey to 5 steps, that helped me 1. to set priorities 2. to focus on my own life journey and path.

You will learn:
1. how to set straight your motivation behind your resolutions

2. why to focus more on the path than on the goal

3. to create awareness for the little steps on the way to personal growth and development

4. to understand that obstacles are part of the journey with high importance for your success

5. the importance to focus and have a clear vision

Let’s evaluate together your New Year’s resolution to break you free from frustration.

I am looking forward to your comments and feedback – and if this content helped you, leave me a 5-star review on iTunes.

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I wish you an amazing 2020! Thank you for existing! 

Yours Sara

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