I am Sara Baltus

Born in Hamburg, Germany I always had a vision of an international life being a Coach and inspirational Trainer. After a challenging health crisis in 2011, I received first of all my invitation to transformation, which led me to become the creator of my life, turning my life into a whole journey, starting an international family, allowing myself to follow my true passion, my true “I AM” and my dreams.

In 2012, I traveled the world and life brought me to Colombia. Since then I consider myself a citizen of the world and Colombian at heart. Here I created a beautiful family with my husband and his 3 children. He and I have worked together for many years on several businesses and projects. After completing another dream, graduating from a master’s degree in Coaching and Leadership from OBS & University of Barcelona, today I focus on living my personal purpose.

Alongside my mentors like Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Laura Seiler, Norman Cornejo and many others international inspirational leaders, investing every day in my personal development, it is my personal aim to reunite people with their full potential and confidence and to remind them that they are the creator of their own life.

I have set my heart and soul to the creation of my coaching programs and I am so happy to take you with me on this journey, an invitation to transformation, of creating, connecting and contributing, dreaming bigger every day.

And one of my biggest dreams and visions is now creating an international community all around the world in 3 languages of people, who wants create their lives, living their dreams without any limits. Become part of it! 

That’s why I am here today, doing what I am doing:

Because my wish for you is that you design your life, living your dreams, without any limits. Thank you for existing!

Yours, Sara

"If you can dream it, you can do it"

Walt Disney

My Why

As a Business Psychologist, for a long time I was focused on what requirements people have to fulfill to be chosen for a perfect Job-Fit, including myself.

Then, life forced me to create my own life requirements. As a Coach & Trainer with the focus of Life Design and mindful Self- Leadership today my big reason why is to turn the page and accompany people to set up and define their own conditions and requirements for their own authentic and individual Life-Fit.

Combined with mindfulness practice based on modern spirituality, my vision is to align people with their own creational power again, helping them to actively create change, connect them with themselves again, their intuition, their dreams to gain a new perspective of their own power, finding conviction in their full potentiality and uniqueness.

It’s time for a change of perspective.

When I made the decision to travel the world in 2012, life gave me a series of lessons that changed my life, and one day I understood that I had to give back to the world what the world gave me: an invitation to transformation.

An invitation to become the creator of your life with the aim to accompany you to create your life, connect with your true essence and your personal gift and contribute to the world, leaving your own footprint.

That is why today I support people to create a new vision connected with a purpose. I help them overcome limiting beliefs, fears and blockages, gain confidence again in their own power, reaching a mind shift to a self-determined life.

So every morning I stand up to accompany people to design their lives, living their dreams, without limits.

My Vision

My main focus is I AM because WE ARE.

My vision is to create an internationally impacting and uniting platform of online training for personal development, life design, self-leadership, and purpose journey and to create an international community, for the people who join the path and who want to leave their footprint.
I am building my work-base on the principle of UBUNTU, a South African ethical rule focused on people’s loyalty and the relationships between them. Ubuntu is seen as a traditional African concept that means, «Humanity towards other people,» «If everyone wins, you win,» «I am because we are,» and «a person becomes human through other people,» among others.  
My purpose is to leave a footprint, building an international community that achieves integral health, well-being, and prosperity through values ​​of humanity, humility, empathy, union, and growth.

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