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7 Steps to Create your Dream Map

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Tell me, what is your biggest challenge these days?

Are you feeling totally alone these days because of the #socialdistancing #stayinghome, sad because you are separated from your loved ones, stressed for the fear of losing your job, afraid of getting sick, overwhelmed by these circumstances?

Let’s meet for a virtual cup of coffee and a #cupofcoaching together. I took the decision to offer 3 FREE Coaching Calls of 30 minutes per week, given the current events. Apply for one and write to me why you need this call. Click in the link in my bio and register. I am looking forward to helping and connecting with you!

My Why

My big reason why is to take you on a journey towards your creative potential to start to create – connect – contribute to design your life, living your dreams, without any limits.

As a Business Psychologist, for a long time, I focused on what requirements we have to fulfill to be chosen for a perfect Job-Fit.

As a Coach & Trainer with the focus on Life Design and mindful Self-Leadership Coaching today I want to turn the page and accompany you to set up and define your own conditions and requirements for your own authentic and individual Life-Fit.

It’s time for a change of perspective; it’s time to become the creator of your life


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Become the Creator of your Life

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